Pharmacology Services

Numerous stacks of petri dishes

The Pharmacology Core provides support for both Medicinal Chemistry and Lead and Probe Discovery by investigating the interactions of compounds produced by these two groups on both living cells and animal hosts. These studies include how compounds are taken up and distributed throughout the body (pharmacokinetics) and how they affect target tissue (pharmacodynamics), disease pathophysiology (efficacy) and normal biological function (toxicology). These studies provide the basis for any applications to the FDA for human clinical trials.


  • Development of cell-based assays
  • PK/PD
  • Animal disease models
  • Biomarker analysis
  • Toxicology


Henry L. Wong, Ph.D, Director, Pharmacology Core
Telephone: 612-626-6323
Fax: 612-626-6862
Email: [email protected]