Jon Hawkinson Received NIH Shared Instrumentation Award

October 10, 2016

Jon Hawkinson, director of the ITDD High-throughput Screening Laboratory, received a $343,887 NIH shared instrumentation award for the plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument, which will allow researchers at the U of M to directly determine the affinity ofantibodies and small molecule probes and drugs for receptors, and to measure protein-protein interactions. The exquisite sensitivity of this SPR instrument will allow the detection of very small mass changes in small molecule drug discovery applications, such as fragment-based screening.   This instrument will directly impact research in diverse therapeutic areas, including contraception, anti-infectives, metabolic disease, neuroscience, and cancer, as well as basic biology research.

 Major User Group Members are:

Gunda Georg              Medicinal Chemistry

Courtney Aldrich         Medicinal Chemistry

Daniel Harki                Medicinal Chemistry

Dave Bernlohr             Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics

Anja Bielinsky             Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics

Li-Na Wei                    Pharmacology

Ameeta Kelekar          Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Masato Yamamoto     Surgery

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