Dr. Vadim Gurvich will co-lead new NIH program to accelerate new inventions to the market

April 6, 2015

The University of Minnesota has been selected by the National Institutes of Health as one of three Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub (REACH) sites nationally to establish a university-wide strategic framework promoting commercialization and technology transfer in the life sciences and biomedical technology. Supported by a $3 million NIH grant with another $3 million in matching U of M funds, the university's MIN-REACH program will provide commercial expertise and resources needed for the development and commercialization of diagnostics, therapeutics, preventive medicine and medical devices. The program will establish new industry partnerships, strengthen existing partnerships, and provide entrepreneurial, commercial-style education for innovators to accelerate the pace at which innovations reach the marketplace. The team for this project includes ITDD Director Vadim Gurvich, whowill co-lead the pharmaceutical side of the program. Charles Muscoplat, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Science, will lead MIN-REACH, while Allison Hubel, BioCoR Director will direct the medical devices side and Kevin Peterson from the Department of Community Health and the Center for Excellence in Primary Care will provide medical advice and oversight.

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